July 15, Rachel Sims (with Melanie Carter camera, Callaway Sprinkle sound) interviews Maria Mikhnovets of the Dostoevsky Museum

What a great interview! Thank you Maria! Thank you our producer Anna!  


July 14, Caroline Boras and Catalina Layton interviewing at the Museum of Religious Studies

Interview with Rafael Dayanov (Catalina Layton)

The project Caroline and I are working on looks at the role of the Kazan Cathedral throughout the Soviet period (as an atheist museum) and the post-soviet period (as a cathedral). We are interested in the transformation of the cathedral as a historical site but also its role in the center of the city as […]


July 13, Interviewing Rafael Dayanov about his new project Nikolskie Markeplace in Colomna neighborhood of Petersburg

Hard hats are required at a construction site.


July 13. Kary Stevick’s Project ab. Jazz in St. Petersburg. Interview with David Goloshchekin.

      Many thanks to our producer Igor Shevnin!


July 13, Шляпа Jazz Club, interviewing Billy Novick of Billy’s Band

Many thanks to our field producer Dasha Belokopytova!  


July 12, Interviewing Tatyana Pozniak at St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Sarah Salem interviews historian Tatyana Pozniak at St. Isaac’s Cathedral.  Camera: Josh Greenfield, field producers Ekaterina Kirsanova and Alexandra Soboleva.    


Hannah Hampton and Daniel Sheaffer interview City Guide and St. Petersburg Historian Maria Shevliagina

  Many thanks to our Russian producer Alexandra Soboleva.


Jazz Interview with Геннадий Львович

Way back on June 21st I conducted the first interview for my research project on Russian jazz. I was able to interview , the conductor for the jazz group St Petersburg’s Saxophones. As a first year Russian student constantly worrying about mispronouncing something, I was terrified. Add to that the fact that I was interviewing […]


Callaway Sprinkle (camera Rachel Sims) interviews Professor Letyagin about Russian naval history (July 6)