Moscow Film by Cindy Centeno

MOSCOW | 2017 from Cindy Centeno on Vimeo.


Our producer Igor Shevnin with Hannah Hampton (project “Jazz in St. Petersburg”)


Reflecting on the Kazan Project

As this program is coming to an end, I’ve been organizing the footage Catalina and I got over the course of the past six weeks. It’s kind of impressive. Some of our b-roll doesn’t have much variation, since there’s only so many angles you can shoot Kazan Cathedral from. But I think we managed to […]


Our Producer Anna Blinova (projects “Floods in Petersburg History,” “Flood Prevention Dam,” “Sites of Naval History in St. Petersburg”


Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

My research project is on Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, and how its interior design and architecture reflect its rich history. I have conducted several interviews with different experts so far to hear their opinions on the site, and have greatly enjoyed their insight. However, my favorite part of this project so far has been going to […]


July 8, Daniel Sheaffer, Hannah Hampton, Josh Greenfield interview tourists visiting Memorial to the Victims of Political Repressions

photo by Alexandra Soboleva (producer of the projects)


July 9, Sarah Salem and Josh Greenfield interview Petr Zabirokhin, NGO Zhivoi Gorod

      Photo by Alexandra Soboleva (field producer for the projects)


July 20, Callaway Sprinkle’s Project Russian Navy in Collective Memory of St. Petersburg

Visiting Cold War-era Submarine turned museum     Inside the submarine

Screenshot 2017-07-18 21.06.01

July 18, Callaway Sprinkle Project (with Melanie Carter, camera), Naval History and Memory.

Visiting Imperial Naval Base Kronstadt  


Working with St.Petersburg University of Film and Television

This year William and Mary students collaborated on their research projects with the students of Producers’ Department of St.Petersburg University of Film and Television.  We are very grateful to Professors Konstantin Glasman and Ksenia Leontyeva for coordinating this valuable initiative!