Saint Petersburg. A Film by Cindy Centeno.

SAINT PETERSBURG | 2017 from Cindy Centeno on Vimeo.


Brilliant Students Shine in Russia’s Imperial Capital

Closing Ceremony, July 24th, 2017  


July 26, In Transit (Pulkovo Airport of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Washington Dulles International Airport, Dulles, VA)

      Updates 9:21 am. (St. Petersburg time): Good morning, Sasha! I’m alive in Munich (with Sarah and Daniel), waiting for our next flights home! Kary Everyone on the flight to Munich made it here safely! Daniel   Update 1:36 pm. (St. Petersburg time): I have arrived in Moscow with my mom, safe and sound:) […]

First image taken from the iconic Soviet-era cookbook

Interview with a Babushka

Over the course of my stay here in St. Petersburg, many stereotypes of Russians that foreigners have (and I, to an extent, had) were largely dispelled and proved to be, as most stereotypes are, gross generalizations and misunderstandings of the inner-workings of Russian culture. Perhaps one of the most glaring differences between Russians and Americans is […]


Snapchat is more real than documentary cinema



Closing Ceremony

  With our dear producers  


Reflecting on the Kazan Project

As this program is coming to an end, I’ve been organizing the footage Catalina and I got over the course of the past six weeks. It’s kind of impressive. Some of our b-roll doesn’t have much variation, since there’s only so many angles you can shoot Kazan Cathedral from. But I think we managed to […]


A card from my beloved students


Peterhof, 4 weeks later

On June 24th we made a trip to Петергоф for a tour of the “Russian Versailles”. Peterhof is a series of palaces and gardens started in 1714 by Peter the Great. Every czar after Peter has expanded on the palaces and gardens in the complex. While the inside of the palace is full of breathtaking […]


Trip to the market (Joshenka)

This technically wasn’t an excursion planned by our professor, but a few of us went to the market over the weekend by Udelnaya metro station. What I found so interesting about it was that it reminded me heavily of the flee markets that I used to go to with my father when I was much […]