Moscow Film Festival Film Review- Middleground (reviewed by Joshenka)

Middleground (the Russian title is Осколки), a film by Alisa Khazanova, is, in a word, confusing. The entire film is shot in episodes with no clear underlying plot or clear chronological order. Most of the characters appear in each episode, or at least in many episodes throughout the film, but the relationship between them isn’t […]


Film Review: Ангелы Революции, reviewed by Callaway Sprinkle

The film “Ангелы Революции”, or “Angels of (the) Revolution”, by Alexey Fedorchenko, chronicles an attempt by the Soviet government to reach out to and modernise Siberian peoples through art. Though based on historical events (the Kazym Rebellion), the film is decidedly a dramatisation of the period and is remarkable as much for the cinematography as the […]


La libertad del diablo – Devil’s Freedom, reviewed by Sarah Salem

At the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, I had the privilege of seeing La libertad del diablo, or Devil’s Freedom in English, which is a disturbing yet effective documentary directed by Everado Gonzalez about the war on drugs, and the kidnapping and violence that accompanies it, in Mexico. This film especially stands out because the narrative is […]


Middleground (2017), reviewed by Kary Stevick

Middleground (Осколки in Russian)- is an English film directed by Alisa Khazanova, released in 2017. It follows a single couple over the course of a short business trip, looking at the holes in their relationship. Infidelity, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, smoking, English dialog- the movie had everything. And yet it left me […]

la libertad del diablo 1

La libertad del diablo – Devil’s Freedom by Everardo Gonzalez, reviewed by Arianna Afsari

La libertad del diablo – Devil’s Freedom, directed by Mexican filmmaker Everardo Gonzalez, is a chilling documentary that delves deep into the complex emotions engendered by violence in Mexico. The film is essentially composed of a series of personal testimonies given by both the perpetrators and the victims of systematic violence in Mexican society, which is primarily […]


Seven Minutes. Review by Daniel Sheaffer

The film Seven Minutes, directed by Michele Placido, discusses the symbolic consequences of factory workers sacrificing seven minutes of their breaks in return for job security. Modeled after Sydney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men, Seven Minutes provides the perspectives of a dozen different female (sic!) laborers of varying ages, ethnicities, and most importantly, reasons for needing […]


Michele Placido’s Film “7 Minutes” at the Moscow Film Festival. Reviewed by Rachel Sims

One of the films I was able to see at the Moscow film festival was the film 7 minutes. This film takes place in a small town in Italy although as the director Michele Placido commented in his speech prior to the film, it could have taken place almost anywhere. Inspired by 12 Angry Men, […]


Watching “The Fixer”. Reviewed by Hannah Hampton.

The movie I went to see at the Moscow International Film Festival, along with Melanie and Daniel, was called ‘The Fixer’. The movie is in both Romanian and French, as the director is French but the setting and production itself was based in Romania. This movie was about a Romanian man, Radu, who was trying […]


La Libertad del Diablo (Devil’s Freedom) – dir. Everado González. Reviewed by Caroline Boras.

By Caroline Boras Everado González’ “Devil’s Freedom” is a documentary about Mexico’s war on drugs. It offers no context, no explanation as to why people are disappearing. It does not say how to fix the problems with the cartels, or stop the disappearances. Instead, González reveals what the cycle of disappearing has done to the people […]

La Libertad del Diablo (Devil’s Freedom), dir. Everardo Gonzalez – Catalina Layton

Devil’s Freedom is a documentary created by Everardo Gonzalez. It highlights a topic often avoided by the Mexican people: the war on drugs. Unlike many films and series about drug cartels which typically focus on those in power and the glory involved, this documentary focuses on the victims. There was no cohesive plot or exciting […]