July 19th, Tour of Boris Eltsyn’s Presidential Library

Now I figured this out. Presidential Library is Russian President’s residence for official meetings in St. Petersburg.  It also functions as a public library in between governments-sponsored events.  Good tour!         Presidential Inauguration Copy of Russian Constitution     Possible presidential candidates after Putin, including a very viable team of four new […]


July 17, Peter and Paul Fortress



16 July, The Russian Museum Tour



The Tale of Two Nights

After all the group has stuffed themselves with a classic Russian dinner, we sometimes meet up to explore new locations (mostly bars). I would like to detail two nights I have had recently that capture the two extremes of nightlife here. To give a full picture of how wild a night can get, let me […]


Walking Tour #4. St. Petersburg Sites of Mass Political Terror

Taking a quiz on the last part of Dostoevskii’s Crime and Punishment at the Chernyshevkaia subway station.  A warm up for the tour of sites of mass political terror (The Bolshoi Dom, Kresty, Mikhail Shemiakin’s sphynxes, The Tauride Palace, Smolny).


July 11, Nevafilm Film Studios

We are heading to Nevafilm Studios today. Here is Nevafilm today’s report on Russian cinema market in English.    


July 10, Faberge Museum

Faberge Museum      


Ballet Eugene Onegin (Rachel Sims)

For this post I will take a look at Boris Eifman’s Ballet Eugene Onegin, which our group went to see on Wednesday July 5th. This ballet took Pushkin’s original story Eugene Onegin and gave it a modern twist, through various element decisions. For example, most of the ballet used classical music, but several scenes used rock […]


Reading Crime and Punishment

at the performance of Boris Eifman’s ballet Eugene Onegin  


July 5, Boris Eifman’s Ballet Eugene Onegin