Ballet Eugene Onegin (Rachel Sims)

For this post I will take a look at Boris Eifman’s Ballet Eugene Onegin, which our group went to see on Wednesday July 5th. This ballet took Pushkin’s original story Eugene Onegin and gave it a modern twist, through various element decisions. For example, most of the ballet used classical music, but several scenes used rock […]

Flood Interview

So far I have had two interviews, but my most recent interview was with Professor Leo Letyagin. In addition to clearly answering each question, beforehand he had set up several pictures of previous floods and gave us a summary on the history of each flood. Following this, he also showed us an interview he had previously […]


Michele Placido’s Film “7 Minutes” at the Moscow Film Festival. Reviewed by Rachel Sims

One of the films I was able to see at the Moscow film festival was the film 7 minutes. This film takes place in a small town in Italy although as the director Michele Placido commented in his speech prior to the film, it could have taken place almost anywhere. Inspired by 12 Angry Men, […]


Rachel Sims

Меня зовут Rachel Sims. Я жила на Гаваях, в Германии, в Канзасе, и на Аляске.  Я живу в Виргинии сейчас. Я студентка в университете Колледж Вильяма и Мэри. Я изучаю международные отношения. Я еду в Россию чтобы изучать русский язык. My name is Rachel Sims. I have lived in Hawaii, Germany, Kansas, and Alaska. I live […]