Water gate

Melanie’s Project: The Saint Petersburg Dam

At the end of my time here, I have had multiple interview, filmed so b-roll around the city, and have been on tour of the dam. Initially, I was very unsure of how this project would go because it seemed like a lot of work in a short amount of time (and it was). We […]


The Tale of Two Nights

After all the group has stuffed themselves with a classic Russian dinner, we sometimes meet up to explore new locations (mostly bars). I would like to detail two nights I have had recently that capture the two extremes of nightlife here. To give a full picture of how wild a night can get, let me […]


The Fixer (dir. Adrian Sitaru, Romania/France), reviewed by Melanie Carter

The Fixer is a Romanian film by a French director about a man who is known as being a “fixer”. I do not want to give in spoilers, but the basic plot line is a man who is a father and translator goes to Romania to translate for a journalist who is doing an investigation […]

Here I am on a Russian swing!

The Gilman Scholarship

During my freshman year, I attended an information session about the Gilman Scholarship program, which provides low income students money to study abroad. Here is a link to the website: https://www.iie.org/Programs/Gilman-Scholarship-Program I knew that in order to get the chance to go to Russia, I needed to get scholarships to help pay for the trip. […]


The Hermitage (Carter)

Our first excursion was to the Hermitage! We had a wonderful tour guide who was very passionate about all of the art and architecture inside. I learned so much and saw so much. We had these ear pieces and as long as we were close enough we could hear her talking into the microphone (the […]


Melanie Carter

What do I study? Что я изучаю? My name is Melanie Carter. I am a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. I am studying International Relations. Меня зовут Мелани Картер. Я на втором курсе в колледже Уильяма и Мэри. Моя специальность – международные отношения. Where am I from? Откуда я? I grew up in […]