Peterhof, 4 weeks later

On June 24th we made a trip to Петергоф for a tour of the “Russian Versailles”. Peterhof is a series of palaces and gardens started in 1714 by Peter the Great. Every czar after Peter has expanded on the palaces and gardens in the complex. While the inside of the palace is full of breathtaking […]


Middleground (2017), reviewed by Kary Stevick

Middleground (Осколки in Russian)- is an English film directed by Alisa Khazanova, released in 2017. It follows a single couple over the course of a short business trip, looking at the holes in their relationship. Infidelity, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, smoking, English dialog- the movie had everything. And yet it left me […]


Jazz Interview with Геннадий Львович

Way back on June 21st I conducted the first interview for my research project on Russian jazz. I was able to interview , the conductor for the jazz group St Petersburg’s Saxophones. As a first year Russian student constantly worrying about mispronouncing something, I was terrified. Add to that the fact that I was interviewing […]


Kary Stevick

What do I study? My name is Kary Stevick! I am a freshman studying International Relations in William & Mary’s Joint Degree Program with the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Меня зовут Кэри Стевик.  Я студентка первого курса программы Международные отношения в совместной программе Колледжа Вильяма и Мэри и Университета Сейнт Эндрюс в Шотландии. […]