Trip to the market (Joshenka)

This technically wasn’t an excursion planned by our professor, but a few of us went to the market over the weekend by Udelnaya metro station. What I found so interesting about it was that it reminded me heavily of the flee markets that I used to go to with my father when I was much […]

Interview with Anastasia in Moscow (Joshenka)

I actually had two interviews with Anastasia, who was my professor at МГУ in Moscow. It took place in one of the classrooms and it was probably the best interview that I’ve had so far, as the quality was excellent, with the room being well-lit, the window being closed to keep the sound from the […]


Moscow Film Festival Film Review- Middleground (reviewed by Joshenka)

Middleground (the Russian title is Осколки), a film by Alisa Khazanova, is, in a word, confusing. The entire film is shot in episodes with no clear underlying plot or clear chronological order. Most of the characters appear in each episode, or at least in many episodes throughout the film, but the relationship between them isn’t […]


Josh Greenfield

What I study I study Linguistics and Russian language and literature at the College of William and Mary. Я изучаю лингвистику и русскую филологию в Колледже Вильяма и Мэри в Виргинии. Where I’m from I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life, but my family came from what is today the Ukraine.  Я родился и вырос […]