Interviewing Sergei Koval’skii (Hannah Hampton)

Last week, Daniel and I were able to interview Sergei Koval’skii,  the main consultant and vice-president of the art center Pushkinskaya-10 in St. Petersburg. This interview was extremely fun to do, as he was able to give us both information on our topic– the Shemiakin statue in the Peter and Paul Fortress– and general information on […]


Watching “The Fixer”. Reviewed by Hannah Hampton.

The movie I went to see at the Moscow International Film Festival, along with Melanie and Daniel, was called ‘The Fixer’. The movie is in both Romanian and French, as the director is French but the setting and production itself was based in Romania. This movie was about a Romanian man, Radu, who was trying […]


Visiting the Mariinsky (Hannah Hampton)

One of the most important reasons that I decided to learn Russian was the number of amazing Russian ballet companies and their beautiful technique. After taking classical ballet for many years, I was so excited to see a ballet in the famous Mariinsky Theater for the first time, fulfilling one of my biggest dreams as a […]


Hannah Hampton

What do I study? My name is Hannah Hampton and I am an International Relations major with a concentration in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. Что я изучаю? Меня зовут Ханна Хэмптон. Я на втором курсе в колледже Уильяма и Мэри. Я изучаю международные отношения. Where am I from? I was raised in New Jersey and now […]