Seven Minutes. Review by Daniel Sheaffer

The film Seven Minutes, directed by Michele Placido, discusses the symbolic consequences of factory workers sacrificing seven minutes of their breaks in return for job security. Modeled after Sydney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men, Seven Minutes provides the perspectives of a dozen different female (sic!) laborers of varying ages, ethnicities, and most importantly, reasons for needing […]

Daniel Sheaffer

What do I study? Что я изучаю? My name is Daniel Sheaffer. I am in my second year at William and Mary and I will be majoring in International Relations and Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. Меня зовут Даниэль Шейфер. Я на втором курсе в колледже Уильяма и Мэри и я специализируюсь в области международных отношений и исследований в […]