Interview with Rafael Dayanov (Catalina Layton)

The project Caroline and I are working on looks at the role of the Kazan Cathedral throughout the Soviet period (as an atheist museum) and the post-soviet period (as a cathedral). We are interested in the transformation of the cathedral as a historical site but also its role in the center of the city as […]

La Libertad del Diablo (Devil’s Freedom), dir. Everardo Gonzalez – Catalina Layton

Devil’s Freedom is a documentary created by Everardo Gonzalez. It highlights a topic often avoided by the Mexican people: the war on drugs. Unlike many films and series about drug cartels which typically focus on those in power and the glory involved, this documentary focuses on the victims. There was no cohesive plot or exciting […]

red sails

Алые паруса – Catalina Layton

St. Petersburg hosts a large festival for graduating high schoolers in June every year known as the red sails festival or Алые паруса. It has a concert in front of the Hermitage museum, fireworks over the river, and a boat with red sails that travels down the river. The streets near the festival shut down […]

Video Project: Sundial (Catalina, Callaway, Rachel)


Catalina Layton

What do I study? My name is Catalina Layton.  I am a Government major at William and Mary. Mеня зовут Каталина Лейтон.  Я изучаю политологию в Колледже Вильяма и Мэри. Where am I from? I grew up in Richmond but my family is from Australia and Colombia. Why am I going? I am going to Russia […]