Reflecting on the Kazan Project

As this program is coming to an end, I’ve been organizing the footage Catalina and I got over the course of the past six weeks. It’s kind of impressive. Some of our b-roll doesn’t have much variation, since there’s only so many angles you can shoot Kazan Cathedral from. But I think we managed to […]


Memory of the Death of Alexander II

By Caroline Boras I visited Savior on Blood for the third time today. It may seem excessive, but the church’s history has a special place in my Russian studies experience. I wrote my first major Russian history paper on Sophia Perovskaya, the woman who orchestrated Alexander II’s assassination. Throughout this trip, I’ve looked out for mentions of Perovskaya, […]


La Libertad del Diablo (Devil’s Freedom) – dir. Everado González. Reviewed by Caroline Boras.

By Caroline Boras Everado González’ “Devil’s Freedom” is a documentary about Mexico’s war on drugs. It offers no context, no explanation as to why people are disappearing. It does not say how to fix the problems with the cartels, or stop the disappearances. Instead, González reveals what the cycle of disappearing has done to the people […]

Video Project: Lee Chapel (Caroline Boras)


Caroline Boras

What do I study? My name is Caroline Boras. I am a rising senior at Washington & Lee, majoring in journalism and Russian area studies. Меня зовут Каролайн Борас. Я изучаю журналистику и русский язык в Вашингтоне и Ли. Where am I from? I’m from Ashburn, Virginia – outside DC. Я из Ашберна, Вирджинии, города под […]