July 22, “It’s the Pogoda :)”

It started hailing again 🙂 The pogoda        


Our Producer Anna Blinova (projects “Floods in Petersburg History,” “Flood Prevention Dam,” “Sites of Naval History in St. Petersburg”


Just visited Mathilda Kschessinskaya’s Mansion

Aleksei Uchitel’s film about Emperor Nicholas’s romance with a famous dancer is forthcoming. The Russian genre of commemorating the centennial of the 1917 Revolution is soap opera.


July 22, St. Isaac’s Cathedral



St. Petersburg tattoos

Как сказать по-русски: “hope”, “fellow traveller”?  


July 8, Daniel Sheaffer, Hannah Hampton, Josh Greenfield interview tourists visiting Memorial to the Victims of Political Repressions

photo by Alexandra Soboleva (producer of the projects)


Petersburg dreamers and SnapChat

Petersburg is a city of utopian dreamers and white nights when real people and imaginary characters co-exist on the border between reality and oneiric experiences.  Among famous/infamous dreamers of St. Petersburg are Emperor Peter himself, Rodion Raskolnikov, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and numerous other visionaries, scholars, composers and artists. My beloved students introduced me to SnapChat and […]


July 21, Tour of Museum of Political History



July 9, Sarah Salem and Josh Greenfield interview Petr Zabirokhin, NGO Zhivoi Gorod

      Photo by Alexandra Soboleva (field producer for the projects)


July 20, Callaway Sprinkle’s Project Russian Navy in Collective Memory of St. Petersburg

Visiting Cold War-era Submarine turned museum     Inside the submarine