Reflecting on the Kazan Project

As this program is coming to an end, I’ve been organizing the footage Catalina and I got over the course of the past six weeks.

It’s kind of impressive.

Some of our b-roll doesn’t have much variation, since there’s only so many angles you can shoot Kazan Cathedral from. But I think we managed to capture what it’s like to visit. We have people buying ice cream and coffee in by the fountain, kids playing in the square, a wedding party passing by, and – of course – Imperial people. Our inside footage shows the more religious aspects of the cathedral. We have over a minute of Orthodox priests singing and praying in front of an icon. Many of our shots are of women bowing and crossing themselves. We also captured the war memorial within the cathedral.

I’m excited to see how these shots will work with our seven interviews. I’m hoping that Catalina and I will find a way to include bits of every interview, while telling the story of Kazan’s history.