Peterhof, 4 weeks later

On June 24th we made a trip to Петергоф for a tour of the “Russian Versailles”. Peterhof is a series of palaces and gardens started in 1714 by Peter the Great. Every czar after Peter has expanded on the palaces and gardens in the complex.

While the inside of the palace is full of breathtaking art, architecture, and history- what is truly interesting about the site is the fountains. Not only are they home to beautiful sculptures depicting famous tales and mythology, they are also naturally supplied and do not use pumps to operate. And the majority of the fountains were purposefully created to soak their visitors.

Peter I was apparently a funny guy who enjoyed ruining the wigs and clothes of his visitors. There are trees rigged with jets, a bench covered by an umbrella that sprinkles when someone tries to take a seat,  a bowl of fruit in the grotto by the Grand Cascade that turns on when someone tries to grab fruit, and multiple smaller trick fountains around the grounds that are triggered by stepping on certain stones.

In addition to the trick fountains, two of my favorite things about Peterhof are the Grand Cascade near the palace and the Chess Mountain towards the entrance of the property. Chess Mountains looks like it sounds- a black and white tiled chute with a very cool looking dragon. The Grand Cascade is breathtakingly beautiful, and something I could have spent hours looking at.

So why am I writing this reflection, four weeks later? Definitely not because we haven’t been on any other fun or interesting excursions. And definitely not because I forgot to post this earlier. I am doing this 4 weeks later because I am still in such shock and awe over how beautiful Peterhof is.



Кэри Стивек