Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

My research project is on Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, and how its interior design and architecture reflect its rich history. I have conducted several interviews with different experts so far to hear their opinions on the site, and have greatly enjoyed their insight. However, my favorite part of this project so far has been going to the church itself.

IMG_5363 2 IMG_5371 2

As it is now a tourist destination, Saint Isaac’s is usually filled with people. But thanks to the help of my professor and my two film student producers, Sasha and Katya, I got to go to Saint Isaac’s on a day that it was closed and completely empty. I spoke with two of the people in charge of the cathedral, and they had so much to say. One gave me great background on the history of Saint Isaac’s, such as how it came to be built and what it was used for during World War II and later on during the rise of anti-religion in the Soviet Union. The other explained the architectural structure, and showed me a model of the skeleton of the dome of the church.

Then the magic happened: with the help of my partner, Josh, as well as Sasha, Katya, and Professor Prokhorov, I got to film the interior of the church for my project. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. Every surface was covered either with paintings, with icons, or with gold, and the combination of colors fit so well together that it left me speechless. The way the sun hit each part of the church made everything shine and sparkle and made me realize what an incredible opportunity this is.


After that, we ascended to the top of the church. It was raining, so it was a bit dangerous (do not try this at home, kids), but when we made it up there, the view made it all worth it.IMG_5380

From each side, you could see all of Nevsky Prospect, as well as all of the statues lined up along the edges of the dome. We got some great footage of this, too.

 IMG_5372 IMG_5375 IMG_5385 IMG_5387

All in all, it was an incredible experience, and one of my favorite parts of this trip and favorite part of this project so far.