Memory of the Death of Alexander II

By Caroline Boras

I visited Savior on Blood for the third time today. It may seem excessive, but the church’s history has a special place in my Russian studies experience. I wrote my first major Russian history paper on Sophia Perovskaya, the woman who orchestrated Alexander II’s assassination.


Throughout this trip, I’ve looked out for mentions of Perovskaya, as her role in history is so significant. Not only did she mastermind the assassination for the People’s Will, but she was hanged for it, making her the first woman in Russia to be executed for a political crime.


At today’s tour, our guide spoke about the assassination. She mentioned the People’s Will and the two bombers who carried out the attack by name, but not Perovskaya. I don’t think that Perovskaya needs a plaque commemorating her role; however, I do think it’s interesting that the bombers’ names exist in the memory of Alexander II’s assassination, but not hers.