Interview with Rafael Dayanov (Catalina Layton)

The project Caroline and I are working on looks at the role of the Kazan Cathedral throughout the Soviet period (as an atheist museum) and the post-soviet period (as a cathedral). We are interested in the transformation of the cathedral as a historical site but also its role in the center of the city as a place of exchange and interaction. We have not reached any challenges yet. We have finished our collection of b-roll with no issues as we were able to film inside the Cathedral as well. We have 6 interviews and we are doing our last one (#7) on Monday. Our interview from yesterday was not directly related to Kazan but still very interesting and relevant. Rafael Dayanov is transforming a historic market into a  modern area with hotels and restaurants. We had the opportunity to ask him about the transformation of historical buildings and how he is shaping the role of these historical sites. Rafael Dayanov and his head-chemical engineer showed us around the construction sites, with our cool hard-hats! Their company has 3 men and 30 women working for them (!!). We got to see the old brick from the 18th century and the new brick they are using as reinforcement. They are making a huge effort to maintain the original style and appearance with the gallery and brick. We even got to go to the second floor of the construction site and see the inside of a furnished Holiday Inn room! It was a very cool interview and tour, and it was awesome how much of an effort they put into showing us around!