Flood Interview

So far I have had two interviews, but my most recent interview was with Professor Leo Letyagin. In addition to clearly answering each question, beforehand he had set up several pictures of previous floods and gave us a summary on the history of each flood. Following this, he also showed us an interview he had previously done on the subject. Even the office that we interviewed him in had several charts of rivers that we were able to record as B film. This helped to back up the subject’s expertise on the topic but also contributed to my project in other ways. As a result of this, I now have background information I can present in my video project before the personal perceptions by the experts that I interviewed on the Myth of Saint Petersburg. This can help present a clear main focus before hand. Also in this way the interview gave me film that differed in more than just the subjects opinion, despite having the same questions as my previous interview. Therefore my final film project will have more varied content as a result.