Ballet Eugene Onegin (Rachel Sims)

For this post I will take a look at Boris Eifman’s Ballet Eugene Onegin, which our group went to see on Wednesday July 5th. This ballet took Pushkin’s original story Eugene Onegin and gave it a modern twist, through various element decisions.

For example, most of the ballet used classical music, but several scenes used rock music to emphasis moments of rebellion. Similarly, the ballet also used colors in addition to sound in order to emphasis certain main themes. The main female love interest,Tatyana, for example, was often dressed in white, while Onegin was often dressed in a reddish color. This helped show the contrast between her innocence and his role tempting her down the wrong path. Stage lighting also helped achieve this by casting the dancers in red lighting during moments where the characters were in perilous situations. These same rebellious and modern aspects were also shown through the performers’ dance styles during specific scenes. For examples, the crowds in lower society often danced with abrupt jerky movements while those in high society tended to glide across the stage. Therefore, while the storyline still followed Pushkin’s original, these creative decisions helps bring the story into a more modern night.