Watching “The Fixer”. Reviewed by Hannah Hampton.


The movie I went to see at the Moscow International Film Festival, along with Melanie and Daniel, was called ‘The Fixer’. The movie is in both Romanian and French, as the director is French but the setting and production itself was based in Romania. This movie was about a Romanian man, Radu, who was trying to acquire an interview with a young girl who was forced into underaged prostitution in Paris. The way this movie was filmed was simply incredible, as much of the movie was shot from a wide angle. One of the most notable shots from this film was when protagonist and his fellow journalists were able to gain an interview with the young girl while she was in a car. In this scene, the girl is discussing the horrors of her situation, but the camera is slowly panning around the small, idyllic square they are in. This contrast between the interview and calm setting -with the camera angle slowly widening- adds a whole new level of intensity to the film.