Interviewing Sergei Koval’skii (Hannah Hampton)

Last week, Daniel and I were able to interview Sergei Koval’skii,  the main consultant and vice-president of the art center Pushkinskaya-10 in St. Petersburg. This interview was extremely fun to do, as he was able to give us both information on our topic– the Shemiakin statue in the Peter and Paul Fortress– and general information on the museum and area that he oversees. Along with that, he described in detail the illustrious history of Pushkinskaya-10 (a link to which I’ve added below). The interview itself ran very smoothly, although we were missing a tripod and had to hold the camera ourselves. It was interesting to be both in front and behind the camera in the span of 10 minutes, as there is a big difference between being the interviewer and just being the person behind the camera. Being behind the camera is fun, making sure the interviewee is in focus and framed properly, but interviewing is also interesting because I was able to actually interact with Sergei more. Overall, the interview well swimmingly and I’m excited to conduct two more soon!